More than Just Nation and Character Building
October 7th, 2013 at 9:35 pm
Posted by Mohammad Adib in Education of Pancasila and Civics, International Class, Jatidiri and Characters, Learning Pancasila

By: Ristya Sylva Imania (011311133270) Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University Year 2013/2014. ABSTRACT. Pancasila has a definition which is very fundamental, that is basis philosophical of Indonesia, stated in preamble 1945 Constitution. Therefore every citizen of Indonesia has to learn, understand, and practice in all areas of life. In the practice of Pancasila, a person will experience many difficulties, for the example, the rise of negative foreign culture coming into Indonesia. Among Indonesia’s students, pancasila’s values are often overlooked, do not even cover the possibility that they would not learn pancasila. When students are not willing to learn the values of pancasila in daily life, it will be difficult to make a nation with good character. In society life , we are involved with all life that’s exists, ranging from customs, rules, and social activities. Social community activities can be carried out when we are capable of implementing pancasila’s values that we have learned in elementary school, high school, and colleges from various media. Pancasila and experience education have become difficult thing and less attractive to students now. They contended that Pancasila is simply theory of tradition, can be quite task or replay and get great value. When they have an argument like that, it is difficult to apply pancasila’s values in society life and State.
The problem in this time is how to make young generation especially students can apply the pancasila’s values in daily life. When they are already aware of the importance of pancasila’s values, they will make better life in community and country. Educational of pancasila’s values and its application should be taught as early as possible to young generation. In variety of methods that are taught as well as with wide range of examples of cases that could arouse the students thinking, is expected to raise the attention of young generation in steeped in the values of pancasila. Keyword: fundament, philosophy, character, implementation.

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