More than Just Nation and Character Building
October 7th, 2013 at 9:35 pm
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By: Ristya Sylva Imania (011311133270) Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University Year 2013/2014. ABSTRACT. Pancasila has a definition which is very fundamental, that is basis philosophical of Indonesia, stated in preamble 1945 Constitution. Therefore every citizen of Indonesia has to learn, understand, and practice in all areas of life. In the practice of Pancasila, a person will experience many difficulties, for the example, the rise of negative foreign culture coming into Indonesia. Among Indonesia’s students, pancasila’s values are often overlooked, do not even cover the possibility that they would not learn pancasila. When students are not willing to learn the values of pancasila in daily life, it will be difficult to make a nation with good character. In society life , we are involved with all life that’s exists, ranging from customs, rules, and social activities. Social community activities can be carried out when we are capable of implementing pancasila’s values that we have learned in elementary school, high school, and colleges from various media. Pancasila and experience education have become difficult thing and less attractive to students now. They contended that Pancasila is simply theory of tradition, can be quite task or replay and get great value. When they have an argument like that, it is difficult to apply pancasila’s values in society life and State.
The problem in this time is how to make young generation especially students can apply the pancasila’s values in daily life. When they are already aware of the importance of pancasila’s values, they will make better life in community and country. Educational of pancasila’s values and its application should be taught as early as possible to young generation. In variety of methods that are taught as well as with wide range of examples of cases that could arouse the students thinking, is expected to raise the attention of young generation in steeped in the values of pancasila. Keyword: fundament, philosophy, character, implementation.

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Pancasila memiliki definisi yang sangat fundamental, yaitu dasar filsafat Negara Indonesia sebagaimana tercantum dalam pembukaan UUD 1945. Oleh karena itu setiap warga Negara Indonesia harus mempelajari, memahami, dan mengamalkan dalam segala bidang kehidupan. Dalam mengamalkan Pancasila, seseorang akan mengalami banyak kesulitan, misalnya saja semakin maraknya budaya asing negatif yang masuk ke Indonesia. Di kalangan pelajar Indonesia saat ini, nilai-nilai pancasila seringkali diabaikan, bahkan tidak menutup kemungkinan bahwa mereka tidak mau mempelajari pancasila. Ketika para pelajar sudah tidak mau mempelajari dan mendalami nilai-nilai pancasila dalam kehidupan sehari-hari maka akan sulit bagi Indonesia untuk menjadikan bangsa yang memiliki karakter yang baik.Dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat kita dilibatkan langsung dengan semua yang ada pada kehidupan tersebut, mulai dari adat istiadat, peraturan, dan kegiatan-kegiatan bermasyarakat. Kegiatan sosial bermasyarakat dapat dilaksanakan dengan baik bila kita mampu mengimplementasikan nilai-nilai pancasila yang telah kita pelajari di bangku sekolah dasar, sekolah menengah, dan perguruan tinggi dari berbagai media. Pendidikan dan pengalaman pancasila saat ini sudah menjadi hal yang sulit dan menjadi hal yang kurang menarik bagi pelajar sekarang. Mereka beranggapan bahwa Pancasila hanyalah sebuah teori yang cukup dihafal, bisa mengerjakan tugas atau ulangan dan mendapatkan nilai yang bagus. Ketika mereka sudah memiliki argumen seperti itu, maka sudah sulit untuk mengaplikasikan nilai-nilai pancasila dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat maupun bernegara. Yang menjadi masalah kali ini adalah bagaimana cara membuat generasi muda terutama pelajar dapat menerapkan seluruh nilai-nilai pancasila dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Ketika mereka sudah menyadari akan pentingnya peranan pancasila, maka secara tidak sadar mereka akan mengubah kehidupan bermasyarakat dan bernegara menjadi lebih baik. Pendidikan nilai-nilai pancasila dan penerapannya harus bisa diajarkan sedini mungkin kepada generasi penerus bangsa. Dalam berbagai metode yang diajarkan serta dengan berbagai macam contoh kasus-kasus yang dapat menggugah pemikiran para pelajar, diharapkan mampu meningkatkan perhatian para generasi muda dalam mendalami nilai-nilai pancasila.

Kata Kunci    : fundamental, filsafat, karakter, implementasi


  1. Problem’s formulation
    1. What is the definition of Pancasila?
    2. What is the importance to knowing the values of pancasila?
    3. How does the current situation of students?
    4. What is the role of pancasila’s values at students in high schools?
    5. How can the values of ancasila as a guideline character education in high schools?
    6. How does the ways to solve this problem?
  2. Purpose of writing
    1. To understand the definition of Pancasila.
    2. To understand the importance to knowing the values of pancasila.
    3. To understand the current situation of students.
    4. To understand the role of pancasila’s values at students in high schools.
    5. To understand the values of ancasila as a guideline character education in high schools.
    6. To understand the ways to solve this problem.


2.1. Background

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago country which comprises 13.487 Island, therefore it is also called as the archipelago. With a population of 235 million people, Indonesia is the fourth largest populous country in the world (sourced: In running governmental activities, Indonesian have their own principle that is Pancasila. The value of pancasila came from the ideas of all the people in Indonesia who come from different religions, cultures, and ethics. They made it in order to unify Indonesia as a great nation which can face so many problems and can bear of it because Indonesian also has good morality as their helper.

In order to keep it all, the government makes a plan that pancasila education must be taught in all of people in Indonesia, especially youth generations. The subject is comprehensive and detail. As youth generations, we are able to get this subject in formal education or informal education. The government prepare this subject from we were in elementary schools until colleges, because they know how important the value pancasila to be taught in society.

The government prioritizes youth generation to get this material, indeed. Because soon or later they will handle all the reign activities and the government hopes that they can make a significant improvement so that Indonesia will reach a better state.

But nowadays, so many students think that pancasila education is quite boring and they are just learning it as a necessity from their schools or from government. They have not got the benefit of learning pancasila yet, and it makes them ignore pancasila. Furthermore, there are so many foreign cultures which come into this country along with globalization. If we do not do anything, the moral of students will damage and this country will be in danger.

We need a smart solution to prevent it all. We should make students as youth generations to see the importance of pancasila’s values. We also should make them interested in pancasila again, so that they really understand about the values pancasila deeper, not only just leaning it because of necessity from other side.

2.2. The Definition of Pancasila

Pancasila is the basis for the Indonesian state ideology. Pancasila set forth in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, have relation and can not be separated. Pancasila is open and it is not stiff because Pancasila’s philosophy rooted from life opinion and culture of Indonesia.

Pancasila as a state is imperative and enforce, it means that every Indonesian citizen have to be submissive and obedient to it. Anyone who violated Pancasila, should be dealt with laws in Indonesia. In other words, Pancasila has legal sanctions.

Pancasila comes from Indonesia’s culture which has moral value and it is esteemed by Indonesia’s nation. Values in pancasila consists religion value, tradition value, and all of struggle in order to unbent Indonesia from colonization.

In its capacity as a philosophy of life and moral ideals, can be stated that:

The first principle is a belief in one Supreme Being. Thus the Indonesian state is not secular in the Western sense. However, the belief in a supreme being is left as a general statement, broad enough to encompass a wide variety of religions including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism-those “great” religions officially recognized by the state and dealt with by the Department of Religion. This Sila is the source of considerable controversy. More orthodox Muslims have frequently favored an explicit commitment to Islam as the state religion and have felt some dissatisfaction at the general phrasing of this Sila. They have also resisted what they see as an attempt on the part of the government to equate mere belief or faith with a true religion. This objection is aimed at many of the traditional and pre-Islamic beliefs of the Javanese, which are seen as corruptions or denials of the true faith of Islam. This includes both the animistic beliefs of the rural population as well as the more sophisticated version (kebathinan) of the aristocratic priyayi class.

The second principle is variously described as a commitment either to internationalism or more literally to a just and civilized humanitarianism. The two interpretations are not as divergent as they might seem at first. A commitment to just and civilized humanitarianism entails a willingness to treat with others, even foreigners, in a fair manner, free from suspicion, exploitation, and oppression. When viewed from the perspective of state relations, this becomes a commitment to internationalism in the sense that it rejects adherence to one of two (or more) opposing political blocs or support for an international order which is exploitative and divisive.

The third Sila expresses a commitment to the unity of Indonesia. In a vast archipelago stretching 5,000 kilo-meters across the sea, with 13,000 islands and about 350 distinct ethnic groups, an emphasis on the unity of the state is understandable. The attempts of the Dutch to create semi-autonomous states during the 1947-1950 period, and subsequent intermittent regional rebellions since that time, underline the extent to which this Sila, too, has been a point of some controversy in the past.

The fourth Sila emphasizes the idea of a people led or governed by wise policies arrived at through a process of consultation and consensus. It would be a great mistake simply to translate this as a commitment to Western liberal democracy, especially since the rejection of Western liberalism (or at least some parts of it) has been a continuing theme of Indonesian political discourse since before the birth of the nation. The word musyawarah is one connoting discussion and deliberation amongst members of a society, but it does not suggest such ideas as majority rule and minority rights.

The fifth Sila expresses a commitment to social justice for all the Indonesian people. This is generally regarded as a relatively unexceptional principle, al-though it can be asked to what extent the implicit commitment to equity has an important place in the understanding of Pancasila.

2.3. The Importance To knowing the Values of Pancasila

Nowadays, the values pancasila is necessary to be encouraged again. Weak understanding of the values of pancasila during reform is one of the factors which cause other wrong ideologies such as terrorism ideology enter to the society especially youth generations. Many youth generation who were recruited by the unrespectable parties for become a suicide bomber, the daredevil, and robbers on the pretext of jihad, it actually could have been avoided if the youth generations have the basic ideology of pancasila. In this case the values of Pancasila should be synergy together with religious education. Because of these two things actually are able to complement each other in the formation of a person’s mental character.

Values of pancasila is a solution for corruption in this state, lack of understanding pancasila having caused rampant corruption in all the life of the lower classes until official countries. It has been late if education pancasila in give to the accused or convicted person embezzler and also leaders that currently lead, but education pancasila can be given to the candidates future leaders like students. Values of pancasila can be used as outline anti-corruption education given on students because in values of pancasila there are some ways in order to live in a good situation. But this solution could not immediately felt by currently because at anti-corruption that is started for several years needed time to the process.

2.4. The Current Situation of Students

Could not be denied that today’s students are less understanding and practising the values of pancasila in daily life. Only a fraction of those who still care and and pay attention to the content of any point of pancasila. Lately, they are more interested in things that are leading on foreign cultures, like playing games online, open the site which is not duly opened, or drinking alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. Globalization gives a great impact to change the attitude and behaviour of the young generation today.

Although citizenship education has been taught from the low level of school to the College, seems it has yet to give effect to this nation. It is evident from many of the younger generation who dragged down the impact of foreign culture negative. They only consider the granting of educational values of pancasila as a lesson that simply must be memorized to gain satisfactory grades, while they did not get the key goal of this educational grant.

They seem don’t want to know about pancasila, even we know that pancasila is the basic of our state philosophy and the state ideology.

2.5. The Role of Pancasila’s Values At students In High Schools

Education is actually a way of make attitudes and morality of civilized students. In other words, education is moralizing students. But, education in Indonesia is currently very bad. Most students at the high schools imitating the mores of foreign society which obviously has a lot of differences and will make them forget Indonesia’s morality since it used to be.

Deterioration or moral depreciation of these students should not be left well enough alone, because it will affect the view of Gentiles against us. To overcome this, civics will help us to build the morality by understanding the values of Pancasila. Because as we know that pancasila was the basis of the State. And is the source of all sources of law.

Inside Pancasila, there are values that are associated with a moral. Like the first sila ” The One Supremere God” in this sila, there are values that the people of Indonesia hold on to the values of the religion that believed in each other than in legal values.

It is intended that pancasila was the Foundation and philosophy of life in a nation and a country. But many students argued that education is viewed very boring even lost privileges in the exercise of civics, even considered a lesson is not important as it may be already too often find similar lesson in the elementary school or junior high school. The supposition that it is not important who makes morality high schools students declined

As it was said Noor MS Bakry pancasila contain some valuse, namely:

1. the value of the material, everything physical elements that are useful to humans

2. vital values, everything that is useful for human beings to be able to do the activity

3. spiritual values, everything that is useful for the spiritual. Spiritual values is divided into four types, namely:

a. the value on the element of truth, sourced by human idea

b. The goodness value, sourced by human willing

c. the value of religious, sourced by human beliefs in literalism of pancasila

d. the value of beauty, sourced in human flavor elements

With practice the values of pancasila is a civilized life will be realized, the education should lead to shared values contained in the stream. Problems of humanity, morality and etiquette can be resolved.

To improve the morals and ethics of students of high schools need to be emphasized more on education and practice the values of pancasila in daily life. System in the sense of moral values of pancasila is the values that are sourced to the values that are sourced to the will or volition of man to do something, but based on the elements of a good and positive willingness, along with the presence of elements of the justification of the deeds ascribed to human reason or ratio.

  1. Values of Pancasila As A Guideline Character Education in High Schools

Talking about moral, morale is good, whereas moral guidelines for the people of Indonesia’s Pancasila. Lately, the character education is being encouraged among the young generation to fix the nation’s morals are getting bolder because of dilapidated, disorders of culture, globalization, etc.

Character education sourced from the values of pancasila value was considered the best solution in order to against various moral disaster wrapped around the current students, namely; the loss of the Almighty Godhead values, low values of a just and civilized humanity, the unity and faded of the weakness of the principle of deliberation for consensus, as well as the marginalization of values of Justice.

Thus, the actual character education is internalization sublime values of Pancasila in mind, heart, and behaviour of each individual child. So, the implementation of the success of character education which is formed by government is there are Pancasila’s people who are made the best Indonesia nation.

  1. The Implementation of Pancasila’s values

Pancasila will have no meaning without the practice. Pancasila is not just a symbol of unity and pride of the nation. But, Pancasila is a reference, a nation, a community of life and State. Therefore, we must practise the values of Pancasila in daily life. Our daily behaviour should reflect the lofty values of Pancasila. To practise our Pancasila does not have to be the apparatus of the State. We also do not have to be soldiers and take up arms. We can practise the values of Pancasila in an environment of family, school, and community. We can start from small things in the family. For example do a family discussion. Each family must have a problem. Well, the problem in the family will be well resolved through deliberation. You guys can learn to unify opinions and appreciate the differences in the family. Try to do it in the family.

In any school environment we must attune consulted. This is important because our friends are not always the same. Various differences will be more easily merged in discussion. Weight problems will be noticeably lighter. The decisions taken shall be a joint decision. It will strengthen the spirit of togetherness in the school. Without discussion, the differences rather than complement each other. But, it will be contradictory. Therefore, we have to get used to discussion at the school. Harmony of life in the school environment will be maintained. Thus, you will have no trouble dealing with the wider environment. Starting from family and then increased in school, community, nation, and State.

  1. Implementing Pancasila in order to appreciate the difference

Pancasila was formulated in a spirit of togetherness. One of them is manifest in the attitude of respecting differences. Difference of opinion is not a barrier to produce something better. It is an attitude we have blackouts. At that time the nation of Indonesia did not yet have the basic countries. However, the attitude of the character have reflected the spirit of togetherness and spirit of the Knights. They are willing to accept any distinction when the process of formulation of the basic countries took place. Currently we have Pancasila as its Foundation a strong country. The power of Pancasila has been proven during the establishment of the State of Indonesia. Pancasila is able to unite the entire nation of Indonesia. Pancasila is also able to survive against rongrongan rebels. Therefore, we should be proud to have a strong country. We should be able to practice the values of Pancasila in daily life. One of them is to appreciate the difference. We have to have an attitude to appreciate such a difference in the formulation of Pancasila. We must realize that our country is made up of diverse ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has a variety of different cultures. Ethnic and cultural differences are not a barrier to United. However, it is precisely the difference it will make our country stronger unity as Pancasila

2. Implementing Pancasila in an attitude of tolerance

Practice of pancasila as the nation’s view of life (philosophy of life) means implementing pancasila in daily life, using the pancasila as the instructions of everyday life, so that our life can achieve prosperity and happiness born and inner. Implementing pancasila in daily life it is very important because thus expected the existence of the life that is in harmony.



Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago country which comprises 13.487 Island, therefore it is also called as the archipelago. In order to keep it all, the government makes a plan that pancasila education must be taught in all of people in Indonesia, especially youth generations because, soon or later they will handle all of the reign activities.

But nowadays, could not be denied that today’s students are less understanding and practising the values of pancasila in daily life. Although citizenship education has been taught from the low level of school to the College, seems it has yet to give effect to this nation.

After reviewing several cases and some of the habits of society, I can conclude that, the values of pancasila has not be implemented properly. From generation to generation, pancasila values increasingly faded, many of the younger generation who did not want to learn and practise the values of pancasila. So the importance of the values of pancasila education among students is that need to be implemented.



Education holds a very important role in implementing Pancasila values among students, good formal education (schools) non-formal education mapun (in family and community environment), both are very closely with human life. In the formal education, all students must reflect the noble values of Pancasila. In education, the practice of Pancasila values should be cultivated and developed since the kids were little, so that the process of implementation of Pancasila’s values will go well. The environmental community was also established so that to be built in earnest that it might be a fertile place for the implementation of the practice of the values of Pancasila. Through education this is protege absorb moral values of Pancasila. The moral values of absorption Pacasila directed runs through comprehension of thought and practice and in private. Manual implementation of the goals of the practice of Pancasila is the individual, the family, the community, both residential surroundings respectively, as well as in environmental work.

When studying the values of pancasila, it required patience and seriousness. Starting from the little things so that it can become a good habit. Such as, The values of pancasila that has been taught to students should be practised in everyday life in the community or a country giving rise to positive impacts.

4.2. References

  1. Accesed on : October 5th 2013

4.3. Difficult Words

  1. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, those connected with realityexistenceknowledgevaluesreasonmind, and language.
  2. Archipelago is island chain or group of islands. In simpler words, archipelago is seas which contain many islands.
  3. Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy.
  4. Ideology is a set of conscious and unconscious
    that constitute one’s goals, expectations
    and actions.
  5. Constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the entity is.
  6. Humanitarianism is an ethic of kindnessbenevolence, andsympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings.
  7. Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.
  8. Orthodox is adherence to accepted norms, more specifically to creeds, especially in religion.
  9. Government is the system by which a state or community is governed.
  10. Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are “good” (or right) and those that are “bad” (or wrong).
  11. Etiquette is contemporary conventional norms within a societysocial class, or group
  12. Character is the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another

4.4. Attachment Article


By        : Ronald Agus

Sourced    :

Pancasila merupakan dasar negara yang berisi nilai-nilai kehidupan. Di dalam pancasila terdapat filsafat kehidupan yang dijadikan sebagai sumber dari segala sumber hukum dalam mengatur tingkah laku individu maupun kelompok. Sejak Indonesia merdeka, pancasila sangat diutamakan karena berkat nilai daripada butir pancasila, Indonesia bisa menyejahtrakan masyarakat dan terbebas dari korupsi. Tetapi makna daripada butir pancasila semakin lama semakin luntur. Hal itu terbukti bahwa sekarang pancasila tidak lagi dianggap menjadi dasar negara maupun pedoman dalam kehidupan oleh orang - orang yang berperilaku menyimpang serta pengamalannya pun masih belum sempurna.

Perkembangan atau kemajuan bangsa Indonesia terletak pada bagaimana seseorang bertingkah laku dan memaknai dasar negara tersebut serta mengamalkannya di dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kalau Indonesia tetap saja bersikeras melakukan tindakan yang menyimpang maka dasar negara Republik Indonesia di masa yang akan datang akan mengalami kelunturan karena semua orang bertindak sesuai kehendaknya sendiri dan tidak pernah mengindahkan aturan yang telah berlaku.

Di Indonesia masih banyak oraang-orang yang kurang memahami makna dari butir-butir pancasila. Orang-orang zaman sekarang masih cendrung suka berbuat maupun bertindak sesuai kehendaknya sendiri tanpa memperhatikan aturan maupun saran orang lain. Orang-orang seperti itu masih kurang kesadarannya akan nilai butir dari pancasila. Selain itu, kurangnya kesadaran setiap orang terhadap aturan yang telah berlaku sering terjadi dibangku sekolah dan dipemerintahan.

Dikalangan siswa atau dibangku sekolahan, masih banyak anak sekolahan yang melanggar aturan sekolah dan lingkungan sekitarnya seperti banyak siswa sekarang yang mabuk-mabukan, kebut-kebutan di jalan, bolos, dan yang paling marak terjadi penyimpangan dari aturan atau norma pada saat ini adalah tauran. Tauran dikalangan siswa sudah berada ditingkat atas dimana tauran tersebut membuat aturan yang telah berlaku hanya sebagai lukisan dinding yang dipajang. Tauran tersebut telah menjadi-jadi artinya tauran yang disertai pembunuhan. Meskipun semua orang telah tahu akan hal itu khususnya siswa tetapi mereka tetap saja tidak sadar akan norma yang mengatur, sebenarnya sebagai siswa harus wajib menuntut ilmu, belajar dengan sungguh-sungguh, dan yang paling penting sebagai penerus bangsa dan negara Republik Indonesia yaitu mengamalkan nilai-nilai pancasila dalam kehidupan sehari-hari bukan mengamalkan hal-hal yang menyimpang dari aturan. Selain itu, meskipun sekolah telah menerapkan aturan yang tegas dan mengikat, tetapi tetap saja penyimpangan itu terjadi. Hal seperti itu masih perlu ditingkatkan dari dalam diri siswa itu sendiri bila perlu sekolah tersebut membuat aturan lain agar siswa tersebut bisa disiplin dan tidak menyimpang dari aturan atau norma.

Dilihat dari segi pemerintahan, sekarang banyak para lembaga negara yang kurang memaknai nilai butir pancasila dan juga kurangnya kesadaran dalam bertindak maupun bertingkah laku. Pemerintah juga kurang memperhatikan rakyatnya seperti pemerintah akan membangun gedung DPR yang sudah dirancang begitu megah. Dalam pembangunan itu, pemerintah tega memakan uang rakyat demi kepentingannya sendiri sedangkan dilihat dari perekonomian rakyat yang masih rendah, banyak rakyat yang masih melarat, pengemis di jalanan, tidur di kolong jembatan. Tetapi pemerintah tetap saja kukuh dengan aktifitasnya sendiri. Sekalipun mengorbankan rakyatnya, pemerintah merelakan hal itu demi mendapatkan popularitasnya dipemerintahan. Orang–orang yang berkedudukan dipemerintahan sampai saat ini kebanyakan hanya untuk mencari popularitas dan kepuasan sendiri tanpa memperhitungkan nasib rakyatnya.

Di zaman Metropolitan ini, banyak sekali pengaruh-pengaruh globalisasi yang dapat mempengaruhi indonesia. Terutama dari segi hukum, pemerintah kurang tegas dalam menjalankan hukum itu sendiri tetapi sebaliknya, pemerintahlah sekarang banyak yang melanggar hukum seperti banyak para lembaga negara menjadi korupsi, terorisme. Hal-hal seperti itu kurang diperhatikan oleh orang dipemerintahan yang memang benar-benar menjalankan pemerintahan dengan baik dan sesuai dengan norma. Meskipun orang tersebut memang benar menjalankan aturan, tetapi kebanyakan sekarang seseorang seperti srigala berbulu domba yang didepannya kelihatan baik tetapi didalamnya telah merencanakan strategi untuk melakukan kejahatan. Tetapi sebagai pemerintah tidak sesuai jika melakukan tindakan yang menyimpang seperti itu karena tugas daripada pemerintah bertujuan untuk menyejahtrakan rakyat. Bukan sebaliknya seperti tega memakan uang rakyat, korupsi, tidak berperikemanusiaan, membunuh antar sesama, tindakan seperti itu sangat mengecewakan bagi bangsa indonesia apalagi sebagai pemerintah yang disorot di dunia internasional.

Penyimpangan – penyimpangan norma yang terjadi saat ini sulit untuk terhapuskan karena mereka yang berbuat menyimpang sudah tidak menganggap pancasila maupun hukum lain itu bersifat tegas dan penyimpangan itu sudah mendarah daging di diri mereka atau sudah menjadi kebiasaan. Ini disebabkan karena pemerintah sendirilah sebagai pelaku menyimpan, sehingga mereka berfikir bahwa yang berkuasa saja sudah menyimpang otomatis hukum itu kurang tegas dan mengikat. Rendahnya sistem hukum maupun aturan yang berlaku di negara kita, membuat para aparat pemerintah, rakyat, dan semua orang sulit untuk tunduk terhadap aturan yang berlaku.

Karena selain masalah yang telah diuraikan di atas, masalah yang marak pula terjadi di negeri tanah air Indonesia yaitu penyuapan. Penyuapan yang banyak terjadi saat ini adalah ketika seseorang ingin meraih sesuatu sedangkan tanpa berusaha orang tersebut hanya mengandalkan uang, uang, dan uang. Yang lebih menyedihkan lagi disertai ancaman, tindakan – tindakan seperti ini masih menjadi penyakit bagi bangsa Indonesia, penyakit tersebut utamanya muncul dari pemerintah pula, kalau saja pemerintah tidak menerima suapan itu maka tidak akan terjadi penyuapan terus menerus sampai sekarang yang banyak disertai kriminalitas dan juga membayakan nyawa seseorang.

Pancasila merupakan dasar negara dan cita-cita luhur bangsa. Kita sebagai bangsa Indonesia yang cinta akan bangsa dan Negara Indonesia serta cinta tanah air Indonesia, dan sebagai generasi muda yang meneruskan cita-cita bangsa, kita harus bisa mengamalkan makna yang terkandung di dalam nilai butir-butir pancasila. Selain mengamalkan makna pancasila, kita juga harus bisa mengimplementasikannya disetiap bidang masing-masing seperti seorang siswa mengikuti upacara bendera dengan hikmat dan disiplin merupakan salah satu pengamalan serta implementasi dari nilai-nilai pancasila.

Salah satu yang dapat kita lakukan untuk mewujudkan negara republik Indonesia aman, damai, dan sejahtra serta tidak menyimpang dari aturan dengan cara mengamalkan nilai pancasila, tidak menyimpang dari aturan atau norma yang telah berlaku serta mengikuti dan mentaati norma itu sendiri. Apabila kita sudah memaknai nilai pancasila dan implementasinya, maka di negara Indonesia tidak akan terjadi penyimpangan-penyimpangan terhadap aturan atau norma.

Pengabaian Pendidikan Pancasila Berdampak Buruk

By        : Ester Lince Napitupulu

Sourced    :

JAKARTA, – Ketua Ikatan Guru Civic Indonesia (IGCI) Retno Listyarti mengingatkan, bangsa ini jangan sampai membiarkan eksistensi Pancasila diragukan sebagai falsafah hidup dan cermin impian seluruh bangsa tentang pedoman hidup berbangsa dan bernegara yang diidealkan bersama.

Karena itu, kata dia, pendidikan Pancasila harus diyakini dapat menjadi penanaman nilai-nilai hidup bersama dalam keberagaman. Menurut Retno, tereduksinya pendidikan Pancasila, telah membawa dampak buruk terhadap pemahaman guru dan siswa tentang bagaimana hidup dalam masyarakat multikulural.

“Bahkan, istilah multikultural ini asing bagi siwa karena minim ditemukan dalam pembelajaran di sekolah. Padahal Indonesia merupakan negara multikultural yang butuh membangun kebersamaan dalam keberbedaan agar terus harmonis sebagai suatu bangsa,” tutur Retno.

Kurikulum pendidikan kewarganegaran dan sejarah saat ini minim membahas multikulturalisme. Ini sebagai dampak materi Pancasila yang tak lagi menonjol dalam kurikulum. Guru-guru yang masih menjadikan buku teks sebagai bahan ajar juga tidak mengembangkan ruang untuk mengajarkan dan mendiskusikan soal multikultural. Para penulis buku teks tak mencantumkan karena mengikuti acuan dalam kurikulum.

Oleh karena itu, harapan agar Pendidikan Pancasila kembali diperkuat dan utuh dalam kurikulum pendidikan di jenjang pendidikan dasar hingga tinggi, kembali mencuat menyambut Hari Lahir Pancasila 1 Juni.

“Pendidikan Pancasila perlu direvitalisasi sebagai upaya fundamental dalam membangun dan membelajarkan nilai-nilai dasar ideologis Pancasila pada siswa di sekolah,” kata Retno. Kajian pendidikan Pancasila dilakukan Sekolah Tanpa Batas yang didukung Koalisi Pendidikan dan IGCI, menemukan fakta materi Pancasila dalam pendidikan kewarganegraan minim dan hanya sebagai tempelan.

Bambang Wisudo dari Sekolah Tanpa Batas memaparkan, di tingkat SD misalnya, materi Pancasila dalam pendidikan kewarganeraan diajarkan di kelas 2 dan 6 dengan porsi kecil. Di SMP diajarkan di kelas VIII, sedangkan di SMA di kelas XII. Materi pendidikan kewarganegaraan yang disajikan di sekolah dinilai memberatkan. Di jenjang SD sudah dikenalkan soal ketatanegaraan. Padahal, semestinya di jenjang inilah pendidikan Pancasila semestinya untuk membangun karakter anak bangsa.

Adapun di jenjang SMP dan SMA materi pendidikan kewarganegaraan seakan-akan hendak menjadikan siswa ahli tata negara. Semestinya di jenjang ini, siswa diajarkan untuk menjadi warga negara yang bertanggung jawab, aktif, dan kritis menyikapi situasi sosial dan kewarganegaraan

4.5. Question and Answer

  1. Where does the education of pancasila’s values should take place?

    Many institutions help in order to develop citizens’ knowledge and skills and shape their understanding about the values of pancasila. Family, religious institutions, the media, and community groups exert important influences. Schools, however, bear a special and historic responsibility for the development of the values of pancasila competency and responsibility. Schools fulfill that responsibility through both formal and informal education beginning in the earliest years and continuing through the entire educational process.

  2. Why education of pancasila’s values
    has been taken out of the school curriculum?
    Because too many Indonesians do not know how our political system works, or what our political responsibilities are. The fall back position we have is a news system that is heavily influenced and controlled by special interests. We are too busy, easily distracted, and prone to accept simplistic solutions, thereby causing us to elect unsuitable candidates. This would not be happening if we had a school system that was properly funded (not constantly being denied funds) and a education of pancasila’s values
    that would be gradual, meaning don’t teach children something they cant grasp, this could be done by role playing and would en still a sense of participation, because as a nation, this is what we so desperately need.
  3. Why does Indonesia need education of pancasila’s value?

    Because the contain of pancasila become a base or directive for government or any others implementation of state. Basically, the value of pancasila serves as basis for the law in Indonesia, it is abstract, normative, and become a motivator in every nation activity.

  4. Why education of pancasila’s values was taught to us since we were younger?

    Because we as the younger generation should be able to bring Indonesia into better nation with based on pancasila as the basis of the philosophy of this nation. If we do not know in depth what the objectives and lofty ideals of this nation that are contained in the pancasila, we won’t be able to make significant changes to this country. Besides that, there are so many foreign cultures which came into this country, and we as youth generations have to have a strong attitude to face it. And the strong attitude has been explained in pancasila”

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