More than Just Nation and Character Building
May 9th, 2014 at 8:33 pm
Posted by Mohammad Adib in Philosophy, Philosophy of Science

By Gorup VIII: Angger Pangestu (071311733015), Yori Adheri (071311733083), Moch. Akbar Firdaus  (071311733035), Prilly Pradnya Dewi (071311733087), Rivaldi Lutfianto Saputro (071311733006), Andre Rahmat S. (071311733060), Lintang Ayu C.R  (071311733023). Departemen Antropologi Fakutas ilmu sosial dan ilmu politik Universitas Airlangga.Thisis our sixth meeting in philosophy of science class in Airlangga University, Faculty of social and politic especially department of Anthropology whic have a slogan “Exellent with morallity”. The key word of this meeting is SMS or short massage service. Short massage service in this meeting means happines. If we are happy people we can make people arround us happy too. Happy is an emotion that you feel if you find beauty and hope in the world arround you. Happines can also be caused by someone being kind to you or offering you a compliment. It usually means that you are pleased with yourself as a expression and find meaning in your existance.

Happines also caused by word, for example like our exellent lecturer Mr. Drs.H.Mohammad Adib said that “Every words means noble”. So if we speak to other kindly and meaning full to other people it means you give happines to them. If we happy, everything is enjoyable to do, for example that we are going to work happily and than we get the result better. We can succeed with happy because with happy everything is enjoyable to do, if we ejoy to do something automatically with to do it with sincere heart that make everything more than good, better and best. Thats the miracle of happines. Nilai Resume-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 KELOMPOK smt GENAP(2013_2014)_FILSAFAT_ILMU__KELAS_B sampai Jumat 9 Mei 2014 JM 10.00.pdf

In this meeting we also have a presentation for sixth group. The theme is structure of science. Knowledge is the result of the process of human endeavor to know. Different ways to get the knowledge of what is studied as well as by the knowledge to distinguish between types of knowledge with each other.Knowledge of human development is due to two main things namely, first, human beings have a language that is able to communicate the information and the way the mind behind such information. The second is the ability to think in a certain frame groove. Broadly speaking this way of thinking called reasoning.

Science is like building constructed of brick. The basic elements of a rock or never be able to live on in nature around. Through scientific observations stones already done so it can be used then classified according to a particular group so that it can be used. This effort was not done with arbitrary, but rather is the result of the instructions that accompany a thorough knowledge pyramid arrangement will become clear that the theory differently seep through basic science.***

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